Social Security Disability Attorney in New Orleans, LA

Find Out if You Qualify for Social Security Disability

Do you believe you should be receiving Social Security benefits from the government? If so, T. Jordan Alost, Attorney at Law can help. Attorney Alost will:
  • Find out if you qualify for disability benefits
  • File a claim for you to receive benefits
  • Research doctors you may need to see for help
Attorney Alost will interview you, submit a short hearing to the court and argue your case before the judge if necessary. Call 225-485-7598 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation at our New Orleans, Louisiana law office.

3 reasons to hire our Social Security disability lawyer

Do you think you may need a lawyer to help you with your disability claim? Here are three reasons to consider hiring T. Jordan Alost, Attorney at Law:
1. You won’t have to deal with government bureaucracy. Let our attorney handle the process instead.
2. You won’t have to conduct research. Attorney Alost understands the complexities of the Social Security system inside and out.
You won’t have to worry about appointments or deadlines. Attorney Alost can handle these matters on your behalf.
3. What are you waiting for

Reach out to T. Jordan Alost, Attorney at Law to learn more about Social Security disability law.